The teslaH2O™ system—remarkably simple to operate— is capable of 100% jet cleaning efficiency. Wash results, even in the most fouled conditions, are meticulous and quick. Its unique VORTEX system functions well, regardless of site rigging. With respect to production standards, teslaH2O™ raises the bar: Even a large degree of fouling is no match for it.

Because removal of organics at the juvenile stage is best for fish health, system integrity, and proactive environmental practice, scheduled maintenance programs—shown to optimize production and contribute significantly to bottom-line revenue—are recommended.


teslaH2O™ features

  • Added SECURITY. Our method facilitates IN-SITU washing—that is, with the nets and fish in place. Fish escape related to net changing is thus prevented.
  • Comprehensive in-water net INSPECTIONS have been improved by means of an integrated QUAD camera system. Displayed “live” footage monitors the washing process. Included is a data recording feature for close post-washing examination and archival purposes.
  • teslaH2O™ uses a variable-speed SMART WINCH. Wash depth and rates are intuitively displayed and controlled.
  • The QUALITY of the wash is superb. Optimal flow is maintained; competing organisms with taxing oxygen demand (best removed before pathogens develop) are eliminated from the net. Use of antibiotics can therefore be reduced. Fish health is maintained, energy costs kept to a minimum, and EFCRs (economical food conversion ratios) improved.
  • Indirect COST SAVINGS are realized because fish are less stressed. Feeding rates are easier to maintain. Mortality is reduced.
  • teslaH2O™ is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Environmentally suspect, expensive, active copper and other retardants are unnecessary. Proactive, timely removal of naturally-occurring juvenile marine growths speeds up the cleaning procedure and negates sedimentation. Although the ocean has a huge nutrient recycling capacity, well-timed early removal—which significantly reduces potential discharge—mitigates the threat of anoxic composting. Our unique pressurized system uses only filtered seawater.
  • teslaH2O™ is QUICK AND EFFICIENT. Its 60” rotary VORTEX washer moves quickly and smoothly over the net for fast, effective washing. teslaH2O™ needs one operator and a single deck hand for operation.
  • GENTLE on the nets, yet fouling is no match for the teslaH2O™ VORTEX! Reduced net handling results in substantially reduced labour, equipment, and marine shipping costs. Drum washing fatigue is eliminated.
  • CONVENIENT. With the teslaH2O™ platform, nets are washed from the surface remotely. Divers and additional support staff are not required for the task.
  • IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY. Less time spent cleaning nets means more time spent on raising fish.


teslaH2O™ is a technological breakthrough for aquaculture practitioners keen to excel. Its environmental footprint is small. Its 200HP platform, compact in size, is easily disinfected and moved between projects. Operational cost savings with teslaH2O™ can be significant. It’s easy to use: one primary operator and a supporting deck-hand can accomplish the cleaning task.

Net-Washing services, in-service product demonstrations, and staff training are currently limited to coastal British Columbia, Canada. Turn-key systems are available for export on a global basis.